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Notice to Vacate

When you decide to move out of your property you will need to terminate your lease. There are two types of agreements:

  1. A ‘fixed term agreement’ is for a specified period of time and ends on a specified date. If this date has not passed you are still on a fixed term agreement. To end a ‘fixed term agreement’ you must give fourteen (14) days signed written notice before the lease expiry date.
  2. A ‘continuing agreement’ does not end on a specified date. These agreements usually begin when a fixed term agreement expires and a new one is not entered into. To end a ‘continuing agreement you must give twenty one (21) signed written notice.

To terminate your lease complete the appropriate form and ensure all tenants on the lease sign it. Signed forms may be faxed to 9560 4086. Alternatively scan and email your completed form to management@bentons.com.


Termination of Fixed Term Agreement Notice

Termination of Continuing Agreement Notice

If you are unsure if you have a fixed term or continuing agreement please contact us management@bentons.com

Vacating your property

To ensure a problem-free speedy bond inspection and refund please sign and return with your keys the online vacate information form below.

Tenant Vacate Information Form


  • Advise your forwarding address & bank details for electronic bond refund. If a joint tenancy include authorisation from other tenants to pay bond into one bank account
  • Cancel periodic payments with banks, credit unions or internet recurring payments setup.
  • Cancel and advise change of address to Electricity & Gas & Telephone companies (This can be arranged through Direct Connect).
  • Advise Australia Post of Change of Address.
  • Read and advise water meter reading as at vacate date.
  • Oven and elements, warmer drawer, racks and trays all cleaned.
  • Shampoo Carpets, if required, by commercial cleaner. We recommend Cameo Carpet Inner West Cleaners – phone 9591 5932. All service areas to be cleaned ie. kitchen, laundry, bathroom, toilet
  • Windows (interior), window sills, skirting boards, any fixed shelves all to be wiped down.
  • All rubbish to be removed from property. If rubbish is left at or on the property you will be charged removal costs and could also be subject to a fine from Council for dumping rubbish.
  • Garbage & recycle bins left at property.
  • Lawns and gardens to be cut and free of weeds.
  • Replace any broken glass or mirrors.
  • Ensure all light bulbs are working.
  • Leave all picture hooks in walls.
  • House to be professionally treated by a pest control company if a pet is in residence.
  • Walls to be cleaned - superficial hand marks etc. removed.
  • Cobwebs removed from eaves and internal walls.
  • We recommend that you refer to your ingoing Property Condition Report to ensure that the property has been left in a condition not less than that stated in the in-going report.
  • All garage and/or security remotes to be given back with the keys.

Make sure you leave us your forwarding address, as well as a contact phone number. We may need to reach you, just in case you leave behind any possessions.