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Non-urgent repairs

Email management@bentons.com or phone 9569 4877

Urgent Repairs

If urgent repairs are required, you must contact us at our office during business hours on 9569 4877.
If urgent repairs are required outside of business hours, please contact Shane Torpy on 0416 190 700, leave a message or send and sms.
If unable to contact Shane Torpy the following is a list of approved tradespeople:


ESE Emergency Service Electrical 0410 644 810

Energy Australia Ph 131 535 or 131 388


Robinson Plumbing Pty Ltd 0417 677 758

Urgent Repairs - Tips for Tenants

Water Leaks

If you are in a unit building and water is coming from an upstairs unit it is advisable to let the people upstairs know. Possible problems are:

  • blocked drains
  • loose washing machine outlet hose
  • leaking toilet cistern
  • leaking hot water system.

If you are living in a strata building and there is a burst water pipe, contact the strata agents emergency contact numbers, which are normally located in the common entranceway. An internal burst water pipe can be controlled by turning off the water supply. The turn off cock may be located near the water meter for houses and for units may be located in kitchen cupboards or in the laundry.

Roof Leaks

Do not use any light switches, light fittings or power points or appliances that are near the leaking water. Ceilings may collapse from an excessive roof leak causing the ceiling to crack badly. If this happens do not use this room.

Leaking Hot Water System

Turn off the HWS power at the switchboard. Turn off the water to the HWS, which is normally located next to the HWS.

No Electricity

Check to see if other premises around you have power. If other people have no power you will need to phone Energy Australia. If there are circuit breakers fitted, try switching back on. If the power trips off again, contact your emergency numbers in your lease.

No Water

Check to see if other premises around you have no water. If other people have no water you will need to phone Sydney Water.

No Hot Water

  • Gas Hot Water. Check to see if the pilot light is on. If the pilot light is off then it may be able to be re-lit by following the instructions which are normally located on the inside cover of the heater.
  • Electric Hot Water. Check to see if the HWS fuse has blown. If you are unsure how to do this contact the emergency numbers.


Contact us if you notice the water is slow to drain or if there is a gurgling noise. These are the first signs of a major problem. Water leaking from the overflow pipe located under the cistern can be controlled by turn off the tap next to the cistern.

Locked Out of Premises

Outside of business hours, unfortunately you will need to phone a locksmith at you own expense to gain entry.

Important Notice

If you not confident or unsure on what to do, you must contact the emergencies numbers in the lease and do not attempt to solve the problem.

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